Are you a hustler?

We all know that there are various personality types — introvert or extrovert, thinker or doer, optimist or pessimist — and if you’re a lover of online quizzes, you probably even know which apply to you. But I can bet you one thing: you don’t know what type of gambler you are. This infographic will reveal whether you're a hustler (ready to win some big bucks), a high-roller (too rich to care), a socialite (a real people person), a show off (determined to be the centre of attention), or Read more [...]

Further Education-It’s Never Too Late

You may be reading this piece as somebody who has gone the whole hog when it comes to the education system, from Kindergarten all the way through to Graduate School. You may be someone who started working as a pot washer in a restaurant during high school and decided to work there permanently rather than pursue further education, working in your progression up the ranks of the business. You may also be reading this as someone who is looking for a job. You may be fresh out of graduate school and Read more [...]

How important is Early Years Education?

There’s no getting around it; in respect of education these days it really is a case of ‘the earlier the better’, as children head out into an increasingly competitive society. It is perhaps now more beneficial than ever for children to begin their education as early as possible, providing them with a rich learning experience upon which they can build as they enter formal education. Luckily, help is on hand; Early Years Education is now being offered at many daycare facilities across the Read more [...]
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